George Korody Drinks Trolley

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Drinks Trolley by Hungarian émigré architect, George Korody (1890-1957). Crafted in solid Coachwood with original black vitrolite glass shelves. 

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  • Dimensions: 68.5 cm H x 91cm W  cm x 40cm D
  • Material: Coachwood & black vitrolite glass
  • Place of origin: Sydney, Australia 



    The Designer / 

    George Korody

    Hungarian-born emigré architect, George Kóródy, known best for his
    range at Artes Studio which included included solid wood dining tables,
    sideboards and buffets, some with more decorative elements. Many of the designs featured rattan and black vitrolite glass with an emphasis on strong linear angles reminscent of Swiss designer Pieere Jeannert and French architect Jean Prouve. Kóródy made a significant contribution to design in Australia, being one of the first post-war modernists to bring European design to Australia.