About Us

I'm Amelia from Zander & Co, Sydney, Australia. I'm an Inner West mum with a background in art history, design and sales, and after many years building my own art and furniture collection, I have created a marketplace for like-minded shoppers and collectors of good art and design.

We collect and deal in vintage, mid-century modernist furniture with an emphasis on post-war Australian design and manufacturing.

At Zander & Co, we're hungry for good design and are eager to deliver it to lovers of all things beautiful. We believe the world has enough mass-produced, single-use furniture.

There's unrivalled beauty in pre-loved, restored and re-loved furniture.

It's furniture with history and soul.

Our Values

Our focus is on restored vintage furniture and homewares, however, we also stock a collection of curated small-batch ceramics by Australian artists and artisans. We believe in slow furniture and homewares and the revival of traditional woodworking, upholstery and restoration methods to breath new life back into vintage pieces. Where possible, we opt for natural fabrics and upholstery and leather remnants for newly upholstered pieces. All of our practices are environmentally sustainable and support the ethos of "repair, reuse and recycle". 

Sell with Us

At Zander & Co, we provide an ever-changing curated online space for your furniture and homewares. We trade in beautiful, bespoke and one-off pieces from a bygone era. We specialise in Post-war modernist to post-modern 80s design with a particular affinity for Australian Mid Century Modernist furniture. If you are interested in showcasing your piece/s on our website, get in touch for a free appraisal (please include photos). We can't wait to see what you've got!