Niels O.Møller Chair Model 78

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Introducing our Mid-Century Danish Modern Chairs, a delightful nod to the timeless elegance of Danish design! Crafted in 1962 by the legendary Niels Otto Moller for JL Moller, these chairs boast a luxurious touch with their highly figured rosewood. Carefully restored by our restorers, they gleam with the original charm, sporting sleek frames and a top-quality leather upholstery by NSW Leather. Their organic shapes and seamlessly melded wood pieces are a testament to the ingenuity of Danish craftsmanship. With elegantly curved backrests and slender legs, these chairs epitomize the chic sophistication of Scandinavian Modernism. 

Sold as a set of six.

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  • Dimensions: 49cm W, 47cm D, 79cm H, Seat height 44cm
  • Material: Rosewood, Leather- "Spruce" by NSW Leather
  • Place of Origin: Denmark