Parker Nordic Oval Dining Table

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Complete your dining space with this charming Parker Nordic Oval dining table in Teak. Embodying the essence of mid-century design, its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic bring a sense of effortless elegance and class. With classic Mid Century cigar legs and a solid wood edge and base, this table seamlessly blends style and functionality. 
This table has been fully sanded and refinished in a durable hard wax oil.

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  • Dimensions: 182cm w x 70cm h x 106cm d
  • Material: Teak
  • Country of Origin: Sydney, Australia


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Parker Furniture

Parker has become something of a household name synonymous with quality. Parker has defined the mid-century furniture style in Australia and has become one of Australia’s greatest industrial success stories. In the 50s, everybody wanted to own a piece of Parker. Over 70 years later, everyone still wants to own a piece of Parker and the pieces most coveted in the 60s remain most popular today.