Hermon Blue Neptune Sticks

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A pair of dancing sticks.
Triumphant and proud, yet soft and humble.
For lifes daily victories. Light them at your dinner party,  around your bath, or to accompany a rainy afternoon.

Stoneware, kanthal wire, milk white glaze

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  •  Dimensions: 25cm high
  •  Handmade in Australia


The Designer / 

Hermon Blue

Hermon Blue is a project created by Clare Hermon, a ceramic and timber sculpture artist raised in Northern England and currently residing in Eltham, VIC, Australia. Hermon Blue has a focus on smooth lines and soft silhouettes, focusing on creating shapes that symbolise the soft yet strong nature that can hold us whilst we journey through living and being in this world during the ever changing, harsh political climates and environments.

From a past of working in the timber furniture and construction industries, with years of travelling and learning from traditional craftspeople in the art of greenwood carving, historical oak barn construction and more recently, from living in Eltham and seeking guidance from new friends and neighbours who were prolific during the well loved 1970’s ceramic practices.

Hermon Blue is an ever-growing collection of work which will be a foundation for ideas and creations to be born from an array of mediums, predominately timber, ceramic and brass.