Parker Nordic Dining Table

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Parker Furniture model 140 Nordic Dining Table. 
Seats 6 with leaves to expand to seat 8-10. 
Features clean, minimalist lines and quality craftsmanship by Parker, a trusted and quality furniture manufacturer from Sydney, Australia. The top and leaves come together without the need for screws and the top is removable for easy transport. 

Please note, the table photographed has sold but we have another identical, fully-restored one back in stock.

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  • Dimensions: Dimensions: 72.5cm H x 132cm L x 91.5 W extended: 177cm L x 91.5cm W
  • Material: Teak
  • Country of Origin: Sydney, Australia


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Parker Furniture

Parker has become something of a household name synonymous with quality. Parker has defined the mid-century furniture style in Australia and has become one of Australia’s greatest industrial success stories. In the 50s, everybody wanted to own a piece of Parker. Over 70 years later, everyone still wants to own a piece of Parker and the pieces most coveted in the 60s remain most popular today.